Three for three

If I had to put two together to describe where I want my venture to go it would be in the area of travel and communication. I jumped between my top two ideas maybe a million times and decided it would make a lot of sense to pursue the travel one. The reasons being Is there’s more opportunity to really get to know the area, there’s a lot of prospective data to make decisions based off of, and finally its something that interests me. Its something that I would use so why not pursue it.
I had time to talk to one friend and one person and am hoping to do the next to in the upcoming blog spot. My friend did not have much insight besides it might be useful, fair enough I thought so too.
The second person I spoke too … the conversation went something like this, a travel app is risky and finding reliable people from any particular area of travel may be difficult. So there was the first blow, but that’s also where the pros of the app came into play. As expected with many people traveling there is a disconnect between culture and tourism. Getting the full experience was difficult when the only source you have is books and guides, yourself and an agent. It still feels like a third party either way. I think talking to people that traveled a lot, have experienced the problems that come with it can help to build the idea further so that’s what I am trying to do and it was helpful for sure.

Two for two

Upon thought…


Logic trumping passion is a solid statement, it’s a perspective that is often unappealing, and something that every dreamer collectively rolls their eyes at.

Our passions could set us up for failure, it could make us very narrow minded and cut us off from opportunities that we feel don’t grinds our creative gears.

I don’t feel the urgent need to channel my passion into my career choices. To be good at something, to excel at anything we don’t need to have a burning desire to achieve it, is my opinion. Success professionally does not equate passion is my outlook.  This was spurred by Mike Rowes hard core, cold, logical outlook on making it big. His opinion holds more reason than simply doing what you’re good at does, to me.

I personally do not expect to satisfy my calling for life via my professional career. However, I want to use my logical stand point to achieve enough to chase my passion.
Entrepreneurship calls upon us to take an idea and generate money from it. However, what I hope to achieve in my life time is focused on humanitarian efforts, and making money through philanthropy does not add up to me.

In order to achieve my end goal, I have to start somewhere. To do good for others I start by doing good for my self



One for one



As a starting point I find myself consistently switching back and forth between international opportunities and more local ones. Familiarity in the United States is a bonus but international markets sometimes hold more openings. When I say international I like to assume somewhere in the middle east because once again, there Is some familiarity there as well.

  • From my experience abroad, their can be a lot of miscommunication, and their can be a lot of opportunity to be taken advantage of as a tourist or foreigner. Travel is always a very fast paced type of experience in general. I think an App that would connect local community members with tourists would be beneficial. I think of it less as a tour guide because the purpose is not to show them around, but teach them the basics, maybe suggest areas that the tourist industry hasn’t covered. No one knows the area better than those who call it home. That could be a nice spin off for a name. This is made for people who want a more personal experience of the area they are visiting.
  • Sports. A general link up app.  constantly guys are asking each other “you wanna ball” and essentially, basketball is a sport that is so popular you don’t need to know each other to enjoy a game. If there is a game going on at the park, someone can log it let others know it happening. Most of the time people are staring at their phones waiting for plans to happen. bang. This isn’t selective to basketball, maybe soccer is more popular in one area, maybe a random game of flag football is happening, most sports people are down for anything, people who are competitive, maybe people who want to watch. This could be really cool and works well for people waiting on their friends to reply to their texts. Wanna ball? you down? Ballers in progress

Are these potentially million dollar ideas? I don’t think so not yet but I’ll keep my thought process rolling in the meantime.