One for one



As a starting point I find myself consistently switching back and forth between international opportunities and more local ones. Familiarity in the United States is a bonus but international markets sometimes hold more openings. When I say international I like to assume somewhere in the middle east because once again, there Is some familiarity there as well.

  • From my experience abroad, their can be a lot of miscommunication, and their can be a lot of opportunity to be taken advantage of as a tourist or foreigner. Travel is always a very fast paced type of experience in general. I think an App that would connect local community members with tourists would be beneficial. I think of it less as a tour guide because the purpose is not to show them around, but teach them the basics, maybe suggest areas that the tourist industry hasn’t covered. No one knows the area better than those who call it home. That could be a nice spin off for a name. This is made for people who want a more personal experience of the area they are visiting.
  • Sports. A general link up app.  constantly guys are asking each other “you wanna ball” and essentially, basketball is a sport that is so popular you don’t need to know each other to enjoy a game. If there is a game going on at the park, someone can log it let others know it happening. Most of the time people are staring at their phones waiting for plans to happen. bang. This isn’t selective to basketball, maybe soccer is more popular in one area, maybe a random game of flag football is happening, most sports people are down for anything, people who are competitive, maybe people who want to watch. This could be really cool and works well for people waiting on their friends to reply to their texts. Wanna ball? you down? Ballers in progress

Are these potentially million dollar ideas? I don’t think so not yet but I’ll keep my thought process rolling in the meantime.


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