Five for five

This blog post is my finalizing my decision. After thinking out loud about the direction that i am looking to take this I’m confident in the direction i am taking this. There is still some in general grey area or unknown but that can be worked through.

The direction I am taking this is to start building the content of my idea. A general profile, or example in what I want the people from both ends to look like, my target profile. This is a little bit different because what I am doing is taking people from two different ends. On one end I need to build profiles for people that are willing and interested in being hosts to tourists. Trustworthy people, friendly, considerate and hoping to gain from the experience themselves.
Next, tourists themselves. Who are the people that would be interested in cultural immersion, a different kind of experience. I’ve started looking through travel industries and seeing the way they work to get insight so i’m mostly working off of that to get insight.
If anyone is interested in being a host I could even base it off of you. Although, honestly how many people come to Connecticut for vacation. I am trying to be more decisive in my approaches and that should move this process along.


Four FOUR four


When I thought of my idea I was honestly just trying to think of anything I felt behind because everyone seemed to have it all figured out, so I just let random ideas fly hoping it wouldn’t be a complete bust. At this point I have decided which of my top two ideas to go with and it’s my travel app. I should probably think of a name for it at some point. My other idea, the concept of a sport meetup I really liked as well, I thought it was something that was relevant. However, I don’t think it had as much potential and I was not as excited about it. I was concerned about target audience, and reaching out to them. I was unsure if this would be long lasting, or a fad. In retrospect the most I could say about it, is it’s a cool idea. But then again it could be done more easily than my travel one, but long term that does not matter.

My travel idea, I think has potential for sustainability, long term and could thrive even on small amounts of users in the meantime. I consider each time if this could ACTUALLY happen, and my answer is yes, given resources and further insights it could. I hope to gather my thoughts together and collect as much information and see what I could do with it. I don’t want to take this course and come out of it with nothing, I want to potentially launch something, or at the least be motivated towards it. I think I connected with this idea, as connected as I could be for a venture with no name, but our connection is growing. Getting attached will be great

Three for three

If I had to put two together to describe where I want my venture to go it would be in the area of travel and communication. I jumped between my top two ideas maybe a million times and decided it would make a lot of sense to pursue the travel one. The reasons being Is there’s more opportunity to really get to know the area, there’s a lot of prospective data to make decisions based off of, and finally its something that interests me. Its something that I would use so why not pursue it.
I had time to talk to one friend and one person and am hoping to do the next to in the upcoming blog spot. My friend did not have much insight besides it might be useful, fair enough I thought so too.
The second person I spoke too … the conversation went something like this, a travel app is risky and finding reliable people from any particular area of travel may be difficult. So there was the first blow, but that’s also where the pros of the app came into play. As expected with many people traveling there is a disconnect between culture and tourism. Getting the full experience was difficult when the only source you have is books and guides, yourself and an agent. It still feels like a third party either way. I think talking to people that traveled a lot, have experienced the problems that come with it can help to build the idea further so that’s what I am trying to do and it was helpful for sure.

Two for two

Upon thought…


Logic trumping passion is a solid statement, it’s a perspective that is often unappealing, and something that every dreamer collectively rolls their eyes at.

Our passions could set us up for failure, it could make us very narrow minded and cut us off from opportunities that we feel don’t grinds our creative gears.

I don’t feel the urgent need to channel my passion into my career choices. To be good at something, to excel at anything we don’t need to have a burning desire to achieve it, is my opinion. Success professionally does not equate passion is my outlook.  This was spurred by Mike Rowes hard core, cold, logical outlook on making it big. His opinion holds more reason than simply doing what you’re good at does, to me.

I personally do not expect to satisfy my calling for life via my professional career. However, I want to use my logical stand point to achieve enough to chase my passion.
Entrepreneurship calls upon us to take an idea and generate money from it. However, what I hope to achieve in my life time is focused on humanitarian efforts, and making money through philanthropy does not add up to me.

In order to achieve my end goal, I have to start somewhere. To do good for others I start by doing good for my self