Two for two

Upon thought…


Logic trumping passion is a solid statement, it’s a perspective that is often unappealing, and something that every dreamer collectively rolls their eyes at.

Our passions could set us up for failure, it could make us very narrow minded and cut us off from opportunities that we feel don’t grinds our creative gears.

I don’t feel the urgent need to channel my passion into my career choices. To be good at something, to excel at anything we don’t need to have a burning desire to achieve it, is my opinion. Success professionally does not equate passion is my outlook.  This was spurred by Mike Rowes hard core, cold, logical outlook on making it big. His opinion holds more reason than simply doing what you’re good at does, to me.

I personally do not expect to satisfy my calling for life via my professional career. However, I want to use my logical stand point to achieve enough to chase my passion.
Entrepreneurship calls upon us to take an idea and generate money from it. However, what I hope to achieve in my life time is focused on humanitarian efforts, and making money through philanthropy does not add up to me.

In order to achieve my end goal, I have to start somewhere. To do good for others I start by doing good for my self




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