Four FOUR four


When I thought of my idea I was honestly just trying to think of anything I felt behind because everyone seemed to have it all figured out, so I just let random ideas fly hoping it wouldn’t be a complete bust. At this point I have decided which of my top two ideas to go with and it’s my travel app. I should probably think of a name for it at some point. My other idea, the concept of a sport meetup I really liked as well, I thought it was something that was relevant. However, I don’t think it had as much potential and I was not as excited about it. I was concerned about target audience, and reaching out to them. I was unsure if this would be long lasting, or a fad. In retrospect the most I could say about it, is it’s a cool idea. But then again it could be done more easily than my travel one, but long term that does not matter.

My travel idea, I think has potential for sustainability, long term and could thrive even on small amounts of users in the meantime. I consider each time if this could ACTUALLY happen, and my answer is yes, given resources and further insights it could. I hope to gather my thoughts together and collect as much information and see what I could do with it. I don’t want to take this course and come out of it with nothing, I want to potentially launch something, or at the least be motivated towards it. I think I connected with this idea, as connected as I could be for a venture with no name, but our connection is growing. Getting attached will be great


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