Five for five

This blog post is my finalizing my decision. After thinking out loud about the direction that i am looking to take this I’m confident in the direction i am taking this. There is still some in general grey area or unknown but that can be worked through.

The direction I am taking this is to start building the content of my idea. A general profile, or example in what I want the people from both ends to look like, my target profile. This is a little bit different because what I am doing is taking people from two different ends. On one end I need to build profiles for people that are willing and interested in being hosts to tourists. Trustworthy people, friendly, considerate and hoping to gain from the experience themselves.
Next, tourists themselves. Who are the people that would be interested in cultural immersion, a different kind of experience. I’ve started looking through travel industries and seeing the way they work to get insight so i’m mostly working off of that to get insight.
If anyone is interested in being a host I could even base it off of you. Although, honestly how many people come to Connecticut for vacation. I am trying to be more decisive in my approaches and that should move this process along.


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