The mid-day sun is too much for most eyes; one is dazzled even with its reflection. Be careful that too broad, and high an aim does not paralyze your effort and clog your springs of action.
– Learned Hand



I think a lot of what this course pushed was diminishing that hesitance we have to alter, and improve our ideas. It’s never one and done, there has to be a constant effort towards refinement. The task was huge starting off, but creating a feasible plan of attack followed soon after. The light at the end of the tunnel glimmered for me a little too soon, but serious strides were taken to get there.

The assignment;

On par with with most recent assignment suggestion, I decided to do a reflection post.. the no technology aspect came easily.
This was during spring break where I had some extra time, and being the nature junkie I am I spent most of it hiking, this time around it was for sunset views.  My phone had no service so almost useless, and I was essentially disconnected from the outside world. The trail was empty except for a couple people walking their dogs and was colder than I expected.
I think its important to have moments of down time where being disconnected and allowing room for free thought make you maybe more productive in general.  There was a lot of spacing out where you don’t catch your self and have no idea where your mind ended up why it did, but that also happens when I talk so that was expected.
I was not able to spend as much time as i would have liked at the peak watching the sunset. The hike was 30 minutes up if you stopped at  the first post, and I had to make it back before I was stuck in dark woods, and given my sense of direction that would have been disastrous. In that case having service on my phone might have been good to have.

There is the end of the sunset, I stayed up there as long as I could before leaving to make it back to my car just in time for me to still be able to see around. I enjoyed this experience and appreciate the way it was presented to us. Thank you!



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